Jim Rudolph

Why I just gave $100 to the Odd Fellows and, if you can, why you should too.

In high school in the late 1960s, I was allowed to leave class a little early so two guys I chose could carry me in my wheelchair upstairs to my next class. Needless to say, I was popular with the football jocks because they wanted to join me ditching class. Was this equal access? The question never really occurred to me. But 20 years later the Americans with Disabilities Act changed everything, including changing my mind about how I get around.


Our membership is growing. We’re offering more events. The community deserves easy access to our space that is welcoming to all. This demands we make some critically important renovations to our historic Lodge — adding an elevator and modern ADA compliant bathrooms. Help the Odd Fellows, Half Moon Bay, and you — keep GOING UP — to more concerts, dances, lectures, movies, and more.

The idea is a simple one; the process can be a bit more creative. Ocean View Lodge 143 is exploring the idea of installing an elevator in their beautiful historic building located on Main Street right in the center of town.

LOTUS (Life Opens Through Unexpected Sorrow)

LOTUS is a Half Moon Bay Odd Fellows committee organized to provide peer grief support, comfort, and assistance to those in our coastal communities who have lost their partner or spouse.

Past Grand Ed Haussler passed away on November 14th, 2016, at 7:10 pm just as the fog cleared over the skies of Half Moon Bay revealing one the brightest full moons in 82 years guiding his way home. We will all miss his zest for life, his humor, his salty and uncensored conversation without it being offensive. Ed was one of a kind. 

The All-Seeing Eye


To us, the all-seeing eye represents the universal spiritual presence that is embodied in all of us as we do good work for our community, for our environment, and for all mankind.

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