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The new Odd Fellows Museum was launched as part of the Charter Day and 149th anniversary of the Ocean View Lodge in Half Moon Bay on Tuesday, April 20. Displays of the archives, memorabilia, clothing and many other fascinating items were open to the public, most of which had never been seen before, even by the local members of the Odd Fellows.

Archivist Dean Drumheller and his committee have spent hours researching the old books, which show an excellent portrait of the lives of the people in Half Moon Bay over the years. Ancient books and ledgers, some leather-bound, and historic artifacts have been removed from the dark closets and given a proper place in the spotlight.

“This lodge was chartered in 1868. The original Odd Fellows building was in the empty lot right behind us and it burned down evidently, at the first year of records are gone,” Dean Drumheller said.

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Dave Cresson, the president of the Half Moon Bay Historical Association entertained the audience with his slide show of the Coastside’s many historic photos and tales, describing them in the context of the era during which the Odd Fellows in Half Moon Bay was founded. He is also the owner of the historic Zaballa House on Main Street.

Peter Sellers, the California State Grand Master was also present, and he spoke about the history of the Odd Fellows and the challenges it encounters as the organization moves into the present.

The building is located at 526 Main Street, Half Moon Bay, and the meeting room and hall is upstairs, furnished with upholstered chairs and podiums that are characteristic of the Odd Fellows. The historic organization is the oldest fraternal organization in the City of Half Moon Bay, with records showing the first initiation in 1869, along with the names and occupations of many of the City’s town fathers.

Visitors are invited to attend a social meeting open to guests on the fourth Thursday of the month starting at 6:30 pm. This way they will be able to take in the hall while viewing some of the antique books and ledgers that document the early history of Half Moon Bay.

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