Ocean View Lodge members and guests congregate in the cemetery for Halloween communing with and about the dead.



Michelle Nye discussing her family and their Nye's Reef on Moss Beach with HMB Historical Society President Dave Cresson around the fire with witch and other Odd Fellows.



Noble Grand Joe Brennan reads biographical information of James Wesley Schuyler submitted by his great grandson John Cowan of Phoenix. Wesley's father was a friend and business partner of pioneer HMB lumberman Rufus Hatch, reflected in his son's name, Alvin Schuyler Hatch. The two stone markers visible are for brothers J.W. and Charles Rensselaer Schuyler and are in Lot #77 which is dominated by the Hatch pilar as seen in the photo below.



Ocean View Lodge Trustee Larry Giacomino telling the life story of Evelyn Fox Hatch, pillar of the community and the school district and wife of long time County Supervisor Alvin S. Hatch. Larry was Evelyn's podiatrist for many years, first at her Miramar home and later at the assisted living facility over the hill where he would take his family to the visits and Evelyn would always bake a pie or cookies for the occasion.



Dave Cresson, head of the Half Moon Bay Historical Society, holds forth about James Johnston of the Johsston House and the early days of Half Moon Bay. Dave also spoke about Robert Israel Knapp whose grave marker can be seen between the lantern and the Johnston stone. Knapp was a blacksmith and inventor who patented and produced the innovative sidehill reversing plow.



Michelle Nye of Oakland telling the story of her great grandfather, the famous founding father of Moss Beach, Charles Nye. The adjacent stone is his wife Signe Nye, who was full Swedish. She told of the family finding a trunk full of all sorts of documents of Charles' life which her aunt took to her Clear Lake area home for safe keeping. It contained all sorts of receipts and papers; from milk deliveries to his salary stubs for operating the Moss Beach train station for the Ocean Shore Railroad, his Real Estate license, his business licenses, tons of business cards of the day, etc...the kind of treasure trove to make our mouths water. She then told of a recent party for her aunt to raise money and material donations to compensate for the total loss of her home in the recent Valley Fire by Clear Lake. History found and lost.


The All-Seeing Eye


To us, the all-seeing eye represents the universal spiritual presence that is embodied in all of us as we do good work for our community, for our environment, and for all mankind.

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