On Saturday at 11:30 AM, Team 'Biner' (from carabiner, a metal rope connector) assembled for 'Operation Hairnet,' an attempt to cover the hall roof with netting to prevent broken shingles from falling to the ground. The team is also known as the Odd Fellows Climbing Club consisting of leader Jan Tiura, Larry Giacomino, Gordon Wiltsie, Sally Benson, Vice Grand Marty Steiger, and Noble Grand Joe Brennan. Together with new member George Tucker, they spent many hours on the project, successfully covering a the portion of the roof nearest to the sidewalk and disbanding happily because as Larry said, “No one got hurt!”


The All-Seeing Eye


To us, the all-seeing eye represents the universal spiritual presence that is embodied in all of us as we do good work for our community, for our environment, and for all humanity.

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