Twelve excited people gathered on the evening of Monday August 16, 2021 at the Odd Fellows Lodge to celebrate and award a scholarship to Jacqueline Nabor-Gomez. Jacqueline was the Odd Fellows choice to be the HMB Odd Fellow delegate to the Odd Fellows and Rebekah Pilgrimage for Youth in 2020.

Due to serious concerns about Delegate safety due to the Covid Pandemic, the 2020 Pilgrimage was cancelled. Then the 2021 Pilgrimage was cancelled, for the same reason.

The cancellations were a huge disappointment to Jacqueline and HMB Odd Fellows. During the long period of application, monitoring status of the pilgrimage and eventual disappointment, Jacqueline showed patience and understanding. This demonstrated the maturity that favorably impressed Odd Fellows when reviewing her essay and interview in the delegate selection process.

Meanwhile, Jacqueline has graduated from Pescadero High School, applied to schools and chose to attend California State College at Northridge in Southern California. She will start classes soon, in the Fall of 2021.

The advocacy of Sandra Gleichmann, Coordinator for the OF Pilgrimage for Youth, resulted in Odd Fellows voting to award a $2,000 scholarship to Jacqueline. We hope the scholarship eases the disappointment of missing the Pilgrimage and supports Jacqueline’s academic goals.

The celebration was attended by Jacqueline’s Mother, Father and two younger Brothers. Margaret Sedillo, Jacqueline’s Pescadero HS Counselor, also attended despite the heavy demands of her Fall academic schedule. The OF 2019 Delegate to the Pilgrimage, Jamie MacIntosh, and her Mother Carolyn MacIntosh, also attended. Jamie shared some Freshman experiences at UC Berkeley with Jacqueline.

After sharing a delicious supper and visiting, a short presentation awarded Jacqueline her scholarship and praised her strength of character, wisdom beyond her years, patience and grace under pressure. Jacqueline’s close knit family was honored for their gift of love and bravery in supporting her as she leaves to start a new beginning. Best Wishes for success from Odd Fellows go with Jacqueline to Northridge as she starts school… along with gift cards, computer paper, furnishings for her dormitory, a Northridge CSC t-shirt and other gifts.

The Youth Services Committee would like to thank the following Odd Fellows:

  • Sandra Gleichmann, tireless advocate for coastside youth and the OF Pilgrimage for Youth
  • Judy Matienzo, a vital part of the Odd Fellow family, who always shows up and helps
  • Katherine and Daniel Polk, indefatigable supporters of Odd Fellows and our causes
  • Patti Rutherford, enthusiastic YSC member who enlivens and elevates any OF functions she attends
  • Jim Sutro, who has a giving soul that seems boundless and who provided support in vital ways so the celebration went smoothly.
  • and to anyone inadvertently overlooked, THANK YOU!

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