Remember Carmen, the Nursing Student who received a scholarship from Odd Fellows in spring of this year? Here is a review and update on what is happening with Carmen…

It started four years ago with a chat between two people sitting beside each other at a wedding reception in Half Moon Bay. One person was Carmen, Licensed Vocational Nurse and the other was Katherine, member of the Youth Services Committee of Odd Fellows in Half Moon Bay.

Katherine learned that Carmen was raised on the Coast and worked as a volunteer on Wednesdays for five years at the Rotacare Clinic in Half Moon Bay, four of those years while attending High School. After finishing high school in Half Moon Bay, Carmen completed training to become a Licensed Vocational Nurse and started working. Carmen told Katherine about her goal to pursue additional education to become a Registered Nurse to enlarge her knowledge base and improve her income. What Carmen learned about Katherine: retired educators never lose the drive to promote and mentor youth in their community.

Carmen originally thought she would pursue a degree in Medicine, but was impressed by the scope and power of nursing practice while working at a clinic in Costa Rica. When she was ready to return to school to be an RN, Katherine told her that Odd Fellows give scholarships to people seeking additional education or training post High School. Community members can apply for scholarship money through the Odd Fellows website. Carmen went on the website, filled out her application and provided proof of enrollment in the Gurnick Academy Medical Arts.

Odd Fellows were able to assist Carmen with scholarship money, and she is slated to graduate in Spring of 2022. The demands of her academic and clinical Nursing program prevent her from working full time, which she was doing at the time of her application for the Odd Fellows scholarship. Clinical sites are as far away as Modesto or Napa and at times she receives little notice for her early morning drive to the hospital or clinic she is assigned to. Despite her heavy academic and clinical schedule, Carmen achieved A grades with one B on her recent report card. She also scored in the top tier of students on a national exam which reflects preparedness for clinical practice.

Odd Fellows are proud of Carmen and happy we are able to assist her to become a Registered Nurse. We want to continue to support Carmen so she can focus on her training and reduce her debt as she starts her new profession after graduation this spring.

What Carmen wants you to know: she couldn’t accomplish what she has without help from family and community. Carmen says it means a lot to know people believe in you and know you are worthy of support.

The need for training and education after high school in our community has grown as we cope with a changing economy, the pandemic and housing costs. Odd Fellows hope to help more of our community reach their goals to enjoy and provide better lives for themselves and their families.

Please help the Odd Fellows help our Coastside community and donate to the Youth Services Committee. Thank you!

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