IOOF Youth Services Committee members, Larkin Evans and Katherine Polk, have been mentoring their previous scholarship recipients.

Naomi Naito

Katherine Polk and Larkin Evans (IOOF Youth Services Committee Co-Chairs 2023) recently met with Naomi Naito. Naomi had received the Abraham Engle IOOF scholarship and is currently attending the University of California at San Diego where he is now nearing the end of his freshman year.

Naomi enthusiastically told of several productions that he has been involved in at UCSD including “Bunny Bunny.” This show was put on by the theatre department at UCSD. "Bunny Bunny" was written and directed by Raja Feather Kelly, a New York based director and choreographer who choreographed the broadway show A Strange Loop. In this production Naomi also worked with MFA (Master of Fine Arts) actors. He is absolutely living his dream at UCSD.

Mitzi and Michelle Hernandez

Your Odd Fellow scholarship recipients, Mitzi and Michelle Hernandez, are now second year U.C. Berkeley students headed for a pre med major. Both young women are taking challenging classes in organic chemistry and physics. These busy students are finding some time to continue their volunteer work. When asked what advice they would give to students in high school, they both agreed, ”choose a major you actually like, and just go for it.”

Youth Services Committee members Larkin Evans and Katherine Polk met with these motivated young women to offer encouragement and support from the Odd Fellows membership.

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To us, the all-seeing eye represents the universal spiritual presence that is embodied in all of us as we do good work for our community, for our environment, and for all humanity.

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