Book Signing: Diane Burns-Haussler

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Sun, Mar 24, 2019 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Presenting a new book, written and illustrated by local artist / writer Diane Burns-Haussler

Open to the public, All are welcome.

Come and gather for some light refreshments & conversation at 2 pm. Followed with an interview with Diane Burns-Haussler conducted by author Richard Olive (latest book is But Few Are Chosen). There will be time for a few readings and Q&A.

“A Widow’s Walk” will be on sale for $19.95 + tax (1.75) Checks, cash and MC/VISA accepted. Diane will be happy to sign your book for you.

The words written on the pages of this book are deeply personal. They deal with grief. This is my own personal journey through profound loss.

Losing someone we love is something all of us, at some point in time, will face. The degree of loss and consequent grieving is relative to each individual. The are no hard and fast rules on how to do it.

My own experience has taught me that walking straight through the pain a little at a time is the only way to survive it.

Writing these words has helped me to see where I was so that I could begin to heal the hurt.

Sharing them with others has shown me how, by the mere act of opening, my heart could convey a strong message; Walking through the darkness would eventually reveal the hope of a bright new day.

This is no easy task and it is, truth be told, never finished. I will feel the ache of those I have loved and lost for the rest of my life. The good news, it does get easier. That’s what I was told and I can attest to the fact.

To grieve wholeheartedly is a very good thing. Our loved ones deserve our tears. I know for myself, I have been and continue to be blessed by the loving relationships I have known. I honor them all by allowing myself to feel their absence so that I might be ever grateful that they graced my life to begin with.

Diane Burns-Haussler

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